Contact Center Outsourcing is the Best Cost-Cutting Strategy

Contact Center Outsourcing

As avenues to spend on proliferate, modern firms often end up with a budget that is too thinly spread. Resources always seem too scarce and desired by too many departments. Modern firms are always looking at ways to cleverly cut costs without affecting customer satisfaction. An effective method of doing this is contact center outsourcing.

Quality offshore vendors can provide effective customer service with global exposure and experience that will swiftly resolve issues and are always cheaper than the business itself undertaking these tasks.

How Contact Center Outsourcing Works

Many use the terms ‘call center outsourcing’ and ‘contact center outsourcing’ interchangeably, however contact center outsourcing entails the handling of all the manifold ways a customer may attempt to contact a company – video, email, calls, chat, or social media – sometimes with additional back office support. The many channels contact centers use are:

Call Centers

Contact center outsourcing services include standardized and mission-critical call support that is available in numerous languages, 24/7.

It is indubitable that keeping your customer base satisfied is crucial to any businesses’ success. and the cornerstone to this is reliable, pleasant and efficient call support. Call support happens to be one of the most frequently used communication channels between customers and businesses. It is essential to the company’s image that the customers always have a pleasant experience with call support. Customers expect geniality and efficiency in resolving issues, and outsourcing to an experienced firm with capable employees who are fresh and up-to-date with product knowledge and trends can guarantee this for any business looking to cut costs.

Chat Support

Another equally critical component of customer service has emerged to be chat support as engagement with websites through different devices has been on the rise. Chat support usually appears on websites in the form of a pop-up window where the representative and the customer can interact.

With the use of AI in chat support, the entire process of communicating with the customer becomes much simpler, cheaper and requires less manpower. Businesses have many kinds of chatbot programs at their disposal, from those that can give automated responses to frequently asked questions to programs that can innovatively identify potential customers on social media and engage with them.

Chatbots can help companies proactively interact with customers, be available 24/7 and respond immediately, reduce costs and labor, and assist customers extensively.

Social Media Support 

Social media could currently be described as the most critical marketing platform for any business.

According to a report by NM Incite, 71% of customers recommend brands that they have received prompt and efficient social media customer support. Social media needs to be utilized not just as a marketing channel, but also as a support channel. Consumers nowadays spend enormous amounts of time simply browsing social media and are increasingly likely to mention their interactions with brands on their profiles. With customizable chatbots, you can track, analyze and build a response using customer data, which contributes to sales.

Email Support

Email support is another vital part of customer service that has been transformed due to the introduction of AI. Promotional offers, responses to frequently asked questions, billing and reminders can be automated. These often become an important part of the interaction between brands and consumers.

Back Office Support

Back office support includes many activities that may not directly involve interaction with customers, but it includes a lot of job roles that can help enhance a customer’s experience. Contact center outsourcing offers back office support that can do tasks like data entry, content creation, e-commerce tagging, writing, research, content moderation, fraud prevention, claims processing, digital transcription, application verification, photo retouching, mediation and enterprise data management.

Back office support that comes with contact  center outsourcing can help make every interaction with the customer positive and fruitful, creating beautiful websites and applications that can perfectly employ available data and deliver an experience that makes customers want to return over and over again.

Digitally Transforming Contact Center Outsourcing

Automation has revolutionized customer service to create the modern contact center: an omnichannel consumer interaction center that captures every dimension and every angle of the consumer’s profile. A digitally transformed contact center is one that has optimized personalization, customer insights, call deflection and automation to supplement your business in its endeavors to build a vast and steady customer base.

Omnichannel consumer contact centers are cloud based and can build a customer database from a variety of sources – customer feedback from social media, SMS/MMR, voice calls, email, IVR, mobile and every other contact point – all at the same point. This enables trained customer care employees to provide real-time, personalized and relevant support that can resolve any issues efficiently.

In this day and age, any customer service mistakes can quickly be broadcast to the world through viral videos. It is important that the company chooses the right service, one that is committed to satisfying customers and delivering a pleasant experience.

We at NetFriday can elevate your businesses’ reputation with our contact center outsourcing services. By establishing an omnichannel contact center that can constructively augment your business, we work together with our clients towards their organizational objectives.

Our outsourcing customer contact center services are defined by our policies:

  • Designing a practical, user-friendly Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu that can direct the customer to the right resources
  • Intelligent routing that can fluidly guide customers and track every customer metric for analytics
  • Records of the types of calls, response time, and routes
  • Real-time speech analysis to completely capture customer insights

We strategically implement automation best practices in contact center outsourcing to improve training, center efficiency, and the customer experience. The integration of advanced machine learning, robotic process automation and AI into an omnichannel contact center can help your business differentiate from competitors; timely, practical, personalized and relevant responses lead to greater consumer loyalty and satisfaction, which will in turn translate into more profits and customer lifetime value. NetFriday can help you use AI selectively and effectively, while assigning the right tasks to the trained associates.

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