IT Infrastructure Management Services

IT infrastructure management services have now developed insignificance. They are now expected to help businesses become agile, secure, service-oriented, and capable of delivering unified experiences to end clients.

NetFriday’s IT infrastructure management services have probably of the most impressive and noteworthy credentials in the IT vendor landscape. NetFriday’s IT Infrastructure services cater to changing Enterprise IT needs and IT landscape.

NetFriday has reliably recognized by leading independent analysts as a pioneer in IT infrastructure management services. We have not only executed complex global IT transformation exercises but also helped run efficient IT infrastructure services for some of the world’s leading organizations.

NetFriday’s IT infrastructure management service company offer the tools, experience, and talent/ability required to help you run, create, and manage next-generation cutting-edge IT infrastructure. We have a robust and strong set of service offerings managed by a comprehensive enterprise management structure and made available through a flexible and adaptable engagement model.

NetFriday is an accomplished IT services provider with accreditations in all aspects of Infrastructure Management Services would be an ideal and perfect partner to guide enterprises in this transformational journey. NetFriday’s management and operations platform guarantee complete transparency of your IT and applications with the goal that you are in control throughout the transformational journey.

NetFriday has a proven track record of effective, successful, customer satisfaction, high complexity delivery, and innovative solutions. NetFriday’s ITIL/ITSM compliant processes, investments in talent tools and management platforms enable high quality, and secure delivery on a 24x7x365 basis.

 NetFriday IT Infrastructure Management services include:

  • Workplace Transformation services
  • Data center consolidation services
  • Cloud Native services
  • Network Services
  • Service Integration and Management
  • Cybersecurity and GRC Services
  • Applications Operations
  • Storage/Capacity Optimization Services
  • End-user transformation services


As millennials represent a considerable section of the contemporary workforce, organizations must figure out how to onboard and retain them. Most organizations have quickly grasped enterprise mobile enablement, BYOD, and cloud computing to release new levels of agility and productivity, reshaping the work environment experience.

NetFriday envisages a new age workplace for your organization and strives to offer infrastructure services, for example, workplace support services which are sensitive to user profiles.

We offer proficient, professional, consulting, and operational help/assistance to transform BYOD, mobility, collaboration, enterprise networks, end-user services and experience management, and user support environments.

NetFriday’s vision for revolutionizing workplace services has engaged high-performing workplaces across global organizations. Our solutions comprising workplace technologies aim at enhancing user satisfaction, opportunity, freedom, and productivity while enhancing the return on initial capital investment in workplace technologies. 


Data center solidification, an essential infrastructure component, consolidates discrete special business units and brings together business procedures to empower enterprise agility, security and reduced TCO.

NetFriday’s IMS Center of Excellence offers clientele a complete set of services and combined cumulative expertise in networks, storage, applications, and security that empowers organizations in controlling entire infrastructure and application monitoring services to support a holistic IT condition.

NetFriday gives a complete suite of services to enable organizations to accomplish more prominent control, benefit, productivity and efficiency over their IT environments. 

  • Lessened overheads of IT
  • Disaster/Calamity recovery
  • More control of IT

We have the right blend of experience, expertise, and best in class technologies to run productive and effective data center consolidation.


NetFriday cloud-native services have helped several organizations accomplish a cloud perspective – which helps them accomplish their goals for more noteworthy strength, business development, and faster innovation.

NetFriday’s framework and best practices-driven Cloud Consulting services enable enterprises to crystallize broad and expansive cloud objectives into genuine roadmaps, in view of individual, enterprise-wide prerequisites, or department-specific, and a guided evaluation of the current state.


  • A rich knowledge base of applications dependent on past assessments
  • Collaboration between Cloud Evaluation and Migration teams
  • Architecture Libraries for infrastructure and applications
  • Automated Unified Assessment Tool


Modern enterprises are holding onto digitalization as a business model and plan of action for their network infrastructure, exploring innovative wellsprings of revenue such as IoT, big data analytics, and M2M. The ensuing increase in data volumes requires an update of existing network infrastructure and the implementation of robust network applications services.

At NetFriday, we have an experience-driven service delivery approach, bridging the gap between cutting-edge tools and substantial outcomes.

Our frameworks help clients future-proof their network infrastructure and network applications with an end-to-end portfolio of network services and solutions. The service portfolio incorporates technique, design, and execution across a range of necessities and network applications:

  • Unified communications and coordinated effort
  • Software-defined DC and WAN
  • Network automation/robotization

At NetFriday, we adopt the industry’s best practices across domains that incorporate network services, setting competitive and focused benchmarks in designing brilliance, commercial and operational expertise, end-user insights, and delivery capabilities.


Increasing complexity drives IT service management outsourcing buyers to re-evaluate and rethink their service integration and management technique. NetFriday facilitates the evaluation of the right SIAM service integration and management model.

Our two-fold approach toward IT service integration helps enterprises to overcome the challenges related to coordinating and aggregating the supplier ecosystem. NetFriday’s SIAM model guarantees helpful conditions for collaboration by aligning the ecosystem with clientele demands. The solution drives strategic innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem while maintaining competitive tension.

NetFriday’s Service Integration and Management framework will deliver efficiency, effectiveness, hybrid cloud model adaptation, and a greater supplier management synergy.


Our ‘Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework’ enables our clients to move from a ‘Static’ to a ‘Dynamic’ stance to manage with an ever-escalating threat landscape, offering the full range of services


  • Assessment/Evaluation Services
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment services
  • Project/Program Management
  • Business Impact Examination

Our consultants have a top to bottom in-depth knowledge of vertical-specific prerequisites, new risk vectors, regulatory landscape, and versatility needs to help characterize the right cybersecurity posture which is at the foundation of NetFriday’s Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework.


  • Solution Implementation
  • Product Integration
  • Solution Design

Our trained and experienced cybersecurity engineers help in breathing life into your dynamic security vision.


NetFriday’s Managed Services provide the capability to identify, react, monitor, investigate, report and prescribe to help keep up an ever responsive cybersecurity ecosystem of your organization.

The managed services also complete the ‘Dynamic Cybersecurity System’ by guaranteeing that the stance is constantly checked and reviewed for a 360-degree assurance, around the clock, and across the globe.

 Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Emergency Threat Response
  • Managed Endpoint Security
  • Security Occurrence and Response Management
  • Vulnerability Evaluation and Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Services


The concept of Application Operations model has been able to effectively address the business difficulties which include scalability, proactivity, agility, responsibility, the faster resolution to issues and standardization among many others.

With Application Operations system, the team acts as a bridge between the application and infrastructure worlds to provide an end-to-end integrated, agile, and proactive view and through its models, implementation methodology, and processes address the different IT and business challenges

The clients can expect the following benefits with Application Operations:

  • Enhancement in ownership and accountability
  • Operations becoming proactive and agile rather than receptive
  • Standardization across technologies and procedures
  • Levels of automation being expanded significantly
  • Simpler governance

Application Operations today is coordinating, owning, and running the critical IT businesses across organizations and verticals.


Confronted with a constantly increasing amount of information which must be instantly accessible and completely protected for your business, NetFriday offers in-depth analysis of existing data and expected trends to enable you to better plan storage and data assurance speculations, and exploit opportunities to streamline your existing storage and backup infrastructure.

  • Storage Assessment
  • Data/Information Protection Assessment
  • Data/Information Migration Assessment
  • Inspection Service
  • Reporting Service


 Today IT is expensive, and consumes the vast amount of capital, delivering resources which in the long run are grossly underutilized.

Leverage the power of NetFriday end user transformational solutions while holding the adaptability and open models to help your current IT framework to be progressively productive, adaptable and financially savvy. The transformation solutions help you in seamless migration from the current infrastructure into which is currently called as ‘Next Generation Infrastructure’.

End User Transformational solutions offered by NetFriday are enlisted below:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Messaging Platform Services
  • Windows 7 and 8 Migration Services
  • Workspace as a Service


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