IT Consulting Services

NetFriday’s IT Consulting services help guarantee that your IT can rapidly and effectively adapt to new business necessities, delivered in the most effective and efficient model to suit the pace of your business.

NetFriday IT Consulting service company enables enterprises across multiple enterprises with the most suitable IT solutions to build up new technology-based business models that meet the prerequisites of the modern business environment.

Our comprehensive range of IT consulting services for corporates helps our clientele to effectively create, improve, manage, and scale up their businesses in today’s challenging marketplace.

NetFriday effectively offers services to streamline IT strategy creating, data security assurance and system integration, guarantee smooth and successful digital transformation and enhance digital customer experience. Our end-to-end service offerings are aimed for boosting our clients’ ability to transform their business in the most consistent way, less disruption maximum return.

We work with you to thoroughly evaluate your current IT structure, thereby delivering expert insight and robust recommendations that strengthen your decision-making, in alignment with your business and innovation techniques. We partner with our clientele to create a sustainable, practical and robust IT strategy to enhance their business dexterity and competitiveness.

Our forward-thinking IT professionals use advanced systems, focused and concentrated on leveraging technology to increase your business performance. The end goal is to bring the all-important operating experience of a Managed IT Service Provider providing 24×7 high-availability global support to our clientele spanning a large number of gadgets.

Here is the list of IT Consulting Services We Offer:

  • IT Assessments
  • Independent Verification and Validation Services
  • Application Migration and Re-engineering Services
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Software Testing Services
  • Customer Centric Dedicated Offshore Development Center
  • Enterprise Services
  • IT Security Services
  • Information Security Management


 Chances are, your IT environment has grown gradually. Over time, issues can emerge, including performance gaps, redundancies, and unintended data storehouses. Without a proper perspective, it tends to be hard to realize where to contribute your IT assets.

An IT assessment is an exhaustive and thorough review of a company’s environment and technology systems. NetFriday’s IT assessments help organizations for getting better returns on IT investment and helps keep you winning with IT now and later on.

NetFriday has created a far-reaching, and straightforward Information Technology Assessment (ITA). We conduct a thorough, in-depth review of all of your critical technology areas, assess them against best practices, and furnish you with a guide to better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage.

An IT Assessment from NetFriday will help you re-characterize your business activities, core interests and focuses. Our ITA investigates an extensive scope of IT functional areas including:

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Network/System Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Services/Applications
  • Network/System Security
  • Data/Information Storage
  • Business Continuity


 Odds are, your IT condition/environment has developed gradually. If you have already implemented a new technology solution, we suggest an independent party assessment of the quality of work.

NetFriday is routinely contracted to lead these Independent Verification and Validation assessments.

We operate as a neutral third-party and serve a valuable role in your association’s quality management process. By deciding whether a product or system meets its unique details and satisfies its intended purpose. In the event that an issue is found, e can give the additional use you have to consult with your merchant to settle any deficiencies distinguished amid the Verification and Approval appraisal.


In the present global marketplace, with innovation progressing at a quick pace, organizations need to hold their focused edge by putting resources into more up to date technologies that outcome in higher proficiency and efficiency.

We partner with you to guarantee that this migration results in minimum service or operational disturbances and no loss of business basic critical data.

NetFriday’s application migration and re-engineering services are aimed at guaranteeing that migration to new technologies happens easily without interfering with your operations while the life cycle of functionality-rich existing systems is extended.

Our expertise skill in legacy and new-age technologies and in addition across industries and domains assist us to manage enterprise application migration and modernization effectively and flawlessly.


 NetFriday’s suite of digital marketing services is based upon a foundation of intent – understanding how consumers choose – across all paid, owned and earned media focuses. Through completely dynamic, integrated, and customized experiences, we are transforming consumer intent into transformations.

At NetFriday, we learned and adapted early on what it takes to be a successful and effective digital marketing consulting company by giving our clientele the dimension of service and support they anticipate. Constantly advancing, our years of experience have enabled us to give the best quality of services in all channels of digital marketing.

With NetFriday dealing with all your digital marketing services, we’ll be a one stop search for all your Brand marketing needs and help you to get a reputation. One of the numerous ways we set ourselves apart from other agencies is complete straightforwardness.

As a full service B2B digital marketing consulting agency, you can rely on NetFriday for specialized marketing consulting services that include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • PPC services
  • Conversion Optimization


Businesses are thinking about digital transformation solutions in the areas of IOT mobility, the blockchain, and artificial intelligence as future platforms for building enterprise solutions.

Our Digital Transformation system is engaged toward adjusting digital solutions for enterprise goals and realizing ROI faster. We help clientele define their digital strategy, work with end users for characterizing UX and User acquisition process and deliver persistently.

Our Agile-based consistent delivery process guarantees real-time feedback from the end users regularly. We center intensely around getting the UX ideal by empathizing with end users and using demonstrated processes like Usability Engineering, Data Engineering, Content Technique, and Interface Design.

We have experience and ability in an extensive variety of advanced digital technologies including AI, IOT and Mobile Apps. We work with our clientele to define or align the existing tech stack along alongside future innovation landscape.


With the ever-increasing dependence of business-sensitive activities of IT systems, quality of software has turned out to be a standout amongst the important goals of IT streams.

In order to effectively address the challenges and difficulties involved in quality management and testing, NetFriday offers a thorough cluster of services in the field of testing. Our independent testing services have advanced so as to enable you to accomplish your software quality objectives in the savviest and timely manner.

NetFriday is supported and backed up with rich software development experience, our autonomous software testing services and solutions employ sharp technical resources, adequate infrastructure resources, industry-recognized tools and devices, and utilities, and demonstrated quality processes.

Our testing processes have been developed to guarantee delivery of repeatable and quantifiable results with each of our engagements. At NetFriday, we have developed ability in testing services across different business verticals.


 Our streamlined methodology and approach, born out of years of experience, guarantees operational excellence that contributes adaptability, scalability, agility, and consistency to our client’s business projects and necessities.

NetFriday offshore development services combine core and adaptable teams, furnished with in-depth expertise across technologies and platforms to deliver genuine business advantages to our clientele.

Our offshore IT development team handle a range of projects, application support, and ceaseless improvement support and additionally deliver transformation and strategic initiatives, key activities, incorporating innovation and new technology.

Cutting-edge infrastructure and a powerful and effective governance system support by appropriate tools, methodologies, processes, and policies are the hallmarks of our outsourced product advancement services.


 NetFriday’s business transformation consistently integrates the data movement between key partners of any business and gives real-time predictive analytics for proactive decision making.

NetFriday Enterprise Solutions has a laser-sharp focus on designing and planning Customer-relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for your business success by building up a profound and deep understanding of your business challenges and industry environment.

NetFriday is committed and focused on delivering value for money services and solutions that help your activities respond to dynamic business environment and necessities. We provide on-time and quality support to our clientele and consistently meet their expectations.

We are known for our predominant and superior execution on a sustained and continuous basis. Our success is based on our capacity to be adaptable while adhering to a strict project management methodology.


NetFriday’s managed IT security services comprise of a far-reaching and comprehensive security management platform powered by several key components. This platform provides cloud security and information security assurance for all your subscribed traffic for servers, clients, network, applications, and secondary clients.

This platform delivers consistent non-disruptive protection regardless of where your infrastructure resides – on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

NetFriday’s Security as a service contribution blends the operational function of security monitoring with in-depth analysis to effectively identify and relieve known and unknown threats.

NetFriday’s managed IT security services stretches out your IT teams ability to ensure computing, applications, and network infrastructure with cutting-edge security solutions that are fully managed, simple to actualize, and do not require large upfront investments.


 NetFriday’s information security management consulting services assist client organizations to set up a framework to operate, implement, maintain, audit, monitor and enhance information security processes.

Information Security management identifies information resources and prompts development standards, documentation, guidelines, procedures, and implementation of policies.

In order to attain the right security pose, client organizations are exhorted on areas such as risk assessment, data loss prevention, ERP assessment, business progression, privacy compliance, secure SDLC process, and security awareness programs.

NetFriday can help organizations in developing a comprehensive security management framework that will completely meet their business needs.


 NetFriday IT Consulting does not make its consulting proposals dependent on relationships with various technology providers. We provide proposals aligning with the technology best fitting your applications, execution and performance criteria, or existing IT infrastructure.

Through an extensive, IT consulting assessment we identify basic business and IT criteria building up a strategy to streamline and simplify your information technology environment and lead the route to a more effective and reliable IT framework.

Our progressive solutions empower organizations to develop their businesses for enhanced business results, taking a customer-first approach to everything we do.


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