Industry 4.0 Services

While every company and organization operating today is unique, they all face a typical challenge – the requirement for connectedness and access to real-time insights across procedures, partners, products, and individuals.

NetFriday offers a wide scope of industrial products and services that support the vision of Industry 4.0. Our products are connected, associated, adaptable and build on state of the art technology.

Industry 4.0, likewise sometimes referred to as IIoT or smart manufacturing, marries physical production and activities with smart digital innovation, machine learning, and big data to make a more holistic and better-connected ecosystem for organizations that focus on manufacturing and supply chain management.

We service our clientele through a committed and dedicated global network to provide a total solution for adaptable productivity with the most astounding quality standards. NetFriday uses artificial intelligence, wearables, and IoT to enable organizations to enhance and deal with workers’ safety and health. With our intelligent platform organizations can enhance their productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency.

NetFriday’s industry 4.0 service company isn’t just about investing resources in new technology and tools to enhance manufacturing efficiency and productivity- it’s about revolutionizing the manner in which your whole business operates and grows.

NetFriday’s industry 4.0 consulting service utilizes large-scale M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to help manufacturers and consumers alike provide increased automation, expanded robotization, improved communication and monitoring, alongside self-determination and new dimensions of investigation to give a genuinely profitable future.

With NetFriday’s industry 4.0 consulting service industrial facilities will turn out to be progressively mechanized and self-monitoring as the machines within are enabled to analyze and communicate with each other and their human co-workers, allowing companies much smoother processes that free up workers for different errands. 


There is a number of terms and concepts that relate to IIOT and Industry 4.0, yet here are some foundational and essential words to know before you choose whether you need to invest in Industry 4.0 solutions for your business:

IoT: IoT represents Internet of Things, a concept that refers to connections between physical objects like machines or sensors and the Internet.

 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Business process management devices that can be used to manage information across an association.

IIoT: IIoT represents the Industrial Internet of Things, a concept that refers to the connections between individuals, machines, and information as they relate to manufacturing.

 Artificial intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence is a concept that refers to a computer’s ability and capacity to perform tasks and settle on choices that would truly require some level of human insight.

Big data: Big data refers to large sets of unstructured or structured data that can be organized, compiled, stored, and analyzed to reveal patterns, associations, trends, and opportunities.

Digitization: Digitization refers to the way toward changing over and gathering distinctive sorts of data into a digital format.

M2M: This represents machine-to-machine, and refers to the communication that occurs between two separate machines through wired or wireless systems.

 Cloud computing: Cloud computing refers to the act of utilizing interconnected remote servers hosted on the Internet to manage, store, and process data.

Machine learning: Machine learning refers to the ability that computers have to learn and enhance their own through artificial intelligence – without being unequivocally advised or modified to do as such.

Real-time data processing: Real-time data processing refers to the abilities of machines and computer systems to ceaselessly and consequently process data and provide real-time outputs and insights.

Cyber-physical systems (CPS): Cyber-physical systems, likewise in some cases known as cyber manufacturing, refers to an Industry 4.0 – empowered manufacturing environment that offers analysis, real-time data collection, and transparency across every aspect of a manufacturing operation. 

Ecosystem: An ecosystem, in terms of manufacturing, refers to the potential connectedness of your whole operation – inventory and arranging, customer relationships, supply chain management, and manufacturing execution.

Now that you have a better comprehension of some of the core concepts related to Industry 4.0, you’re prepared to delve further into how smart manufacturing can revolutionize the way you run and develop your business.


A standout amongst other approaches to understanding the idea and concept of smart manufacturing better is to consider how it could be applied to your business, or a business similar to your business. Here are three use cases that can enable you to understand the value and estimation of Industry 4.0 in a manufacturing operation:

  • Supply Chain Management And Optimization
  • Asset Tracking And Improvement
  • Predictive Maintenance/Analytics


Industry 4.0 solutions give organizations greater insight and more noteworthy knowledge, control, and data visibility across their entire supply chain.

By leveraging supply chain management capabilities, organizations can deliver products and services to market quicker, and with better quality to gain an advantage over less-proficient competitors.


Industry 4.0 solutions enable manufacturers to become more efficient and productive with resources at each phase of the supply chain, enabling them to keep a better pulse on quality, stock, and optimization opportunities relating to logistics.

With IoT set up at a factory, employees can get better visibility into their resources worldwide. Standard resource/asset management errands such as resource exchanges, reclassifications, transfers, and modifications can be streamlined and managed centrally and progressively. 


Industry 4.0 solutions give manufacturers the ability to foresee when potential issues will emerge before they really occur.

With IoT systems in place, preventive maintenance and support are substantially automated and streamlined. Systems can detect when problems are emerging or machinery needs to be fixed and can empower you to solve potential issues before they become bigger and serious problems.


Industry 4.0 traverses the whole product lifecycle and supply chain network – design, stock, sales, designing, scheduling, engineering, quality, and customer and field service. Everyone shares informed, up-to-date, significant perspectives of production and business forms – and a lot more extravagant and more timely analytics.

Here is a snappy, non-exhaustive list of some of the advantages of adopting an Industry 4.0 model for your business:

  • It makes you increasingly focused and competitive
  • It makes your team stronger and more progressively synergistic
  • It makes you progressively alluring to the more youthful workforce
  • It allows you to address potential issues before they become big problems
  • It allows you to trim costs, boost profits, and fuel growth


NetFriday can enable you to actualize Industry 4.0 technology into your business. We provide flexible, industry-specific software that is designed and structured around the needs and requirements of our manufacturing, retail, distribution, and service industry customers.

To build a feasible, and scalable enterprise in the present business condition, you have to utilize tools that help you streamline tasks, boost productivity and collaboration, and leverage data in real time. Industry 4.0 solutions from NetFriday can put you on the right track.


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