Big Data Analytics Services

NetFriday offers a full life-cycle of big data analytics consulting services which helps organizations to enhance overall operational effectiveness and lower risk with unique enterprise data solutions.

NetFriday’s big data consulting and development services enable you to innovate, explore and investigate new ways of utilizing data, experiment with new tools, and ceaselessly optimize and upgrade your big data solutions.

NetFriday Big Data Analytics service company enables you to reinforce and strengthen your IT foundation and acknowledge new potential outcomes that empower accelerated growth of the organization. NetFriday big data analytics platform services helps your organization to examine the data for providing you with the most profound bits of knowledge into undiscovered possibilities.

At NetFriday, we effectively assist clientele in integrating Big Data into their overall IT roadmap, architect and execute the Big Solution to take your business to the next level. Our data scientists have an extraordinary way and unique approach to develop solutions that analyze each snippet of data before taking any critical business decisions.

Our specialists have spearheaded big data analytics solutions for leading organizations around the world and we offer complete services to enable you to harness the power and intensity of your big data. We enable you to improve utilization of the raw data that streams into your organizations consistently.

As a successful big data analytics software solutions company, we offer big data consulting services to both ISV’s and enterprises. We additionally develop the products and services that transform this big data into usable knowledge that empowers more smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.

NetFriday empowers data intelligence for clients through its Big Data Consulting Services including:

  • Data Stockroom Creation
  • Data Lake Implementation
  • Data Science Analysis
  • Advanced analytics adoption
  • Assessment Services
  • Analytics and Applications implementation
  • Design and Architecture
  • Management and Optimization


Traditional stockrooms were never intended to deal with the growing volume, variety, and velocity of Big Data. As new business rehearses require bigger and fresher data, you may have already thought about the modernization of your Data stockroom to keep it competitive, developing, growing, and lined up with new business and technology necessities.

Our team of world-class data engineers will enable you to design and build a custom Data Stockroom that will oblige massive data volumes, new data types, and new data processing workloads.

We can also help you with legacy system retirement, supplanting traditional Data Stockroom with a modern one optimized and upgraded for today’s requirements in big data, analytics, real-time operation, and high-performance.

Technical success relies on the team – our team can bring years of experience with big data engineering and analytics to your organization, and guarantee the accomplishment of your Data Warehousing/Stockroom project.


The quick modernization opportunity for many organizations lies in building up a Data Lake. To capture and get business value from new kinds of data you have to constantly develop your data storage, management, and analytics capabilities.


A data lake simplifies and improves the acquisition and storage of diverse types of data, regardless of whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.

A data lake is a foundation for data analytics, it can nourish both the production BI/DW environment and analytics sandboxes for data analysts and data scientists.


NetFriday uses mathematical models and algorithms, to mine big data, forecast future results, and streamline execution to get the best results for your organization.

Build a long-term methodology dependent on the expertise of professional data scientists.

Safely coordinate rising technologies with your existing investment.

Grow your governance policies to include big data suggestions.


Regardless of whether you want to analyze huge volumes of data repetitively or ingest and process streaming data in real time, our data specialists will enable you to make a big data processing system tailored and custom fitted to your business requirements.

Batch processing is the correct methodology for high-volume, repetitive, and non-intuitive business tasks. n any case, more regularly you have to analyze rapidly changing, multi-dimensional, structured data in real time.

Our big data engineering services will enable you to build the business-critical applications that can process large streams of live data and give results in near-real-time.

We work with open source technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Flink to empower advanced analytics and the ongoing use cases that are driving business development.


Begin your Big Data journey with a workshop delivered by our Big Data specialists. We’ll enable you to recognize and organize potential business scenarios and gain a clear understanding of how your organization can use Big Data to maximize performance and boost execution.

  • Evaluate your current dimension of Big Data readiness
  • Distinguish and organize potential business situations and use cases
  • Perform data disclosure over all parts of your association


Kick-start your Big Data initiatives and accomplish better outcomes quicker. We’ll help you to implement advanced analytics solutions and techniques that will give you 360-degree understanding into your business and an approach to envision what’s to come.

Characterize a system and actualize an execution plan for Big Data analytics

Integrate prescient analysis capabilities and state-of-the-art perceptions

Leverage new applications like fraud prevention, risk analysis, and resource monitoring

Quicken time to the estimation of data investigation


NetFriday’s Big Data assessment, architecture, engineering, and advisory services to enable you to build up the best Big Data foundation for your organization and create a deployment that will augment your Big Data success – simply and efficiently.

Extend your governance policies to include Big Data implications

Safely integrate emerging technologies with your existing investment

Build a long-term strategy based on the expertise of professional and expert data scientists


Manage, deploy, and optimize your Big Data project in a way that makes the most sense for you: on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

We’ll give you the direction you need to maintain your environment or deal with the whole procedure for you.

Run your Big Data apps with most extreme adaptability

Introduce the new skills, your organization should oversee Big Data effectively

Leverage expert knowledge and experience to accomplish ideal productivity

NetFriday’s stellar experience and skills guarantee that path-breaking Big Data Analytics consulting and implementation are delivered to each clientele, which makes NetFriday emerge among big data analytics companies.


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