Internet of Things (IOT) and its Positive Impact On E-Commerce 

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting every sphere of individual and public life. The connected ecosystem of gadgets, sensors, and applications is making great value additions to our life. From workplace collaboration to smart manufacturing to associated on-field employees, IoT and associated gadgets are continuing to boost proficiency like never before.

Businesses across the globe are profiting from the Internet of Things, with retail/eCommerce being one of them. The retail and eCommerce business sector is currently undergoing a major technological disruption. As the lifestyle of the consumer changes and turns out to be progressively more adaptive to online shopping, it will be crucial for players in the business to leverage technology to provide services that can cater to the customer’s needs.

With the most development in retail occurring in the digital space, eCommerce is projected to become the future of retail. In 2016, the worldwide retail eCommerce sales were US$ 1.86 trillion, and this number can be reliably predicted to reach 4.48 trillion by 2021. By empowering gadgets to exchange information with each other over the internet, the Internet of Things helps retail and eCommerce organizations to play out their tasks more efficiently.

As indicated by experts, the internet of things (IoT) will revolutionize the in-store shopping experience. Technological headways that will be responsible for this are many:

  • Intelligent standardized barcodes that customers can scan to get more data on products
  • Enabling shoppers to sign up for instant text messages that offer special deals on products as they move around stores
  • In-store advertising that uses facial recognition and can provide customized insights.

Since location technologies like geofencing have become the most important factor in placing the in-store shoppers contextually, the retail space has been utilizing such technologies. However, the Internet of Things has outgrown its ability and has now penetrated the booming eCommerce space for a more customer-friendly and personalized shopping experience, to remain ahead of retailers.


Enable Smart Inventory Management

Most retail organizations that operate online want control over information about items coming into the warehouse and going out of it. IoT sensors or RFID tags introduced in the systems can help guarantee that. With real-time inventory management, storekeepers never again need to employ individuals to keep a physical check on the items coming into and leaving the warehouse.

By improving the monitoring and tracking of inventory items, RFID tags and IoT sensors limit human errors in reordering items. Besides, this permits data, for example, product type, name of manufacture, the expiry date of the items and their batch IDs to be automatically stored in the system without human intervention. Moreover, smart shelves diminish customer disappointment due to items going out of stock as it has become possible to follow up on the number of products sold and consequently place orders as soon as the stock arrives at the reorder level.

Efficient Warehousing 

Likewise, this connected ecosystem of gadgets and sensors can anticipate the over-stocking of items in the warehouse. Products with the least time-frame and products that require temperature control can also be stored more efficiently as real-time information about the products and stock in the warehouse can be shared and discussed. For example, Amazon is already utilizing powerful warehouse robots for better and increasingly precise stock management.

Improved Customer Experience

Ecommerce stores connected through various gadgets and connected sensors can easily monitor and keep track of the behavior, inclinations, and interactions incessantly. This pool of user information and insights coupled with smart data analytics can help eCommerce stores deliver progressively more sophisticated and personalized shopping experiences for customers. If you ask any mobile app development organization specializing in mobile commerce applications, they will point to achieving a highly personalized shopping experience as their top priority.

The internet of things (IoT) presents organizations with an opportunity to separate themselves from their competitors. For instance, Walmart – the American multinational retail corporation, uses the Internet of Things to get insights about products popular on social media. This enables the retailer to deliver a thorough shopping experience to customers with an elevated level of personalization, which builds customer fulfillment and commitment.

Improved efficiency

Increasingly efficient operations will result in superior user experience. For example, warranty information can easily be checked, which annihilates any confusion or possibility for dispute. Being able to integrate inventory, logistics and the ground level customer interactions would mean less human mediation, which translates to big efficiency boosts.

Logistics tracking

The Internet of Things can help e-commerce organizations in tracking and checking the shipments in transit, in real-time, and it can keep the customer posted on any issues related to delivery, which will improve customer satisfaction extensively. Knowing the pace of development can help in better assessing delivery times, taking away the guesswork for the consumers. This will likewise put an end to the issue of losing shipments or misplacing them, consequently saving the organization from losses.

How is IoT impacting eCommerce?

The impact of IoT on eCommerce stores and the online retail shopping experience is already making headlines. This host of gadgets, sensors and connected applications using the internet is constantly pushing the bar for customer interaction and correspondence. IoT has become a bigger force since embedded frameworks became a part of online stores and eCommerce management.


Personalized Customer Service

The most particular way the impact of IoT is visible on eCommerce stores is the customized client assistance. While each customer currently prefers shopping experience, product recommendations and interactions that suit their inclinations and necessities, personalized shopping is bound to get priority from most online stores. Luckily enough, IoT gadgets are helping stores in numerous ways to make this personalization conceivable.

The IoT gadgets being capable of gathering individual customer data concerning their geographic area, purchasing habits, preferences, online conduct, and leanings help the stores to approach every individual user in an increasingly personalized manner. This improves customer retention and business transformation for online stores.

Boosting Automation in Ecommerce Business Procedure

Another significant way IoT impacts e-commerce is by paving the way for automation and minimizing human errors all through the procedure.

The IoT has an expansive impact on the eCommerce business processes. From tracking and monitoring everything in the business chain to moderating tasks with real-time instructions and inputs, IoT can actualize automation in the eCommerce business process in an unprecedented manner.

Insights regarding the products, location, handling and movement uncovered using connected technologies, for example, GPS and RFID tags help automate numerous parts of the shopping experience. This, besides guaranteeing faster and in-time delivery, can guarantee the maintenance of products.

As the eCommerce market stands now, the advancements in IoT will keep on progressing and spreading far and wide with the introduction of improved sensors and further developed connectivity gadgets in the time to come. The IoT ecosystem of gadgets and sensors will continue to pave the way for more personalization, automation, and context-aware customer service.

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